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        Rome and Duddy Small Batch Flower CBD Collector's Box Official Launch

        Rome and Duddy Small Batch Flower CBD Collector's Box Official Launch

        Sublime with Rome's Rome Ramirez and Dirty Heads' Duddy B are boxing up their good vibes and shipping it straight to fans. The duo have teamed with Consequence to launch their first-ever products in the CBD/cannabis space, and the debut item is a Limited Edition Small Batch CBD Collector's Box.

        Limited to just 125 boxes, this exclusive collector's item is autographed by Rome & Duddy themselves and includes a 3.5 gram jar (also signed!) of Small Batch CBD flower. Curated and hand-picked by the longtime friends and collaborators, the box includes a bundle of merch guaranteed to lift you up: a corduroy cap embroidered with the Rome & Duddy logo, a laser-etched four-part grinder, four pins featuring the Rome & Duddy artwork, and three holographic stickers.

        Whether you're looking to take a single hit or smoke two joints, Rome & Duddy's Small Batch hemp flower is sure to bring a welcome sense of euphoria. A Sativa-dominant hybrid known as Candida (Latin for "bright lights"), this strain's unique balance of high CBD and low THC content delivers a potent sense of relaxation and calm without sacrificing clarity. Perfect for anytime use, Rome & Duddy's Small Batch CBD's lemon flavor and violet undertones evoke the vibe of a sweet summer day.

        "We are so excited to announce the launch of our new CBD line with our good friends over at Consequence," says Duddy. "Rome and I have worked long and hard to bring you guys the highest quality CBD flower on the market and we can’t wait for you all to try it."

        With Rome & Duddy CBD, it's always good times, so pre-order your Limited Edition Collector's Box now via the Consequence Shop. Note that CBD products are only available for shipping within the US.

        Expanding on a collaboration between Rome & Duddy and Consequence that also includes The Rome and Duddy Show podcast on the Consequence Podcast Network, this is just the first in a growing line of CBD products and merch. In addition to small batch releases, the officially branded Good Times line will be announced in the near future.

        Rome & Duddy Small Batch Limited Edition Autographed Collector's Box

        Collector's Box includes:

        • 3.5 Grams of Small Batch CBD Flower, signed by Rome & Duddy
        • Four-part grinder
        • Corduroy cap (olive color) embroidered with the Rome & Duddy logo
        • Four exclusive pins
        • Three holographic stickers
        Flower Rome and Duddy

        These boxes are sure to go fast, but keep an eye out for future small batch releases and the Rome and Duddy Good Times CBD and merch line, coming soon.

        Introducing: Flower Lab Immune Support Hemp Capsules

        Immune Support Hemp Capsules Blog Pic

        Our Immune Support Hemp Capsules, part of our Flower Lab line, are now available for pre-order with the first-round orders shipping in early March! Designed for daily use, our capsules bolster your natural immune system with the cleanest, highest quality cannabinoid product.

        These capsules are rich in CBGa, extracted from Colorado-grown hemp. Our solventless, low heat process protects the plant's integrity and retains these vital immune support acids. Most other capsules and tinctures on the market will only have trace amounts of CBGa and CBDa, as the heat from the manufacturing process converts these molecules to CBD. Through our process, we are able to pack more of those essential support acids into our capsules.

        For anyone new to this side of cannabinoid products: is CBGa the same thing as CBG?

        The short answer is no. CBG is super popular -- rightly so -- but CBGa is getting its own turn in the spotlight. You might’ve heard CBGa as the

        "mother of all cannabinoids,"

        due to its reputation as an essential building block.

        One of the other most essential questions: does this make the user high?

        Absolutely not. Acidic forms of cannabinoids are not any more psychoactive than their non-acidic counterparts. While they may bind to and act upon receptors in the endocannabinoid system differently, they will not make the consumer high.

        Interestingly, CBGa recently became the subject of a recent study on how cannabinoids interact with COVID-19. The researchers found that two of the acids commonly found in hemp products can bind to the protein of SARS-CoV-2, aka the virus that causes COVID-19. The compounds can prevent the virus from entering cells and causing infection by binding to the spike protein, potentially offering new avenues to prevent and treat the disease. (Talk about immune support!)

        Flower Lab's full-spectrum hemp extract is the cleanest, highest quality cannabinoid product available. Our proprietary extraction process ensures you get the purest whole-plant extract possible.

        Relax for Less with 30% Off CBD Simple Salves, Chill Pills, and Flower Bags

        Relax for Less with 30% Off CBD Simple Salves, Chill Pills, and Flower Bags

        As the new year starts to ramp up, so too do all our daily stresses. That's why the Consequence Shop is helping you relax for less with our 30% off sale on Flower Lab CBD simple salves, chill pills, and mylar bags of flower.

        Easier on your wellness, easier on your wallet

        Looking to soothe your muscles after a hard workout or just ease those lingering aches and pains? Try Flower Lab's Simple Salve, a natural topical balm designed for daily use. We combine calming botanicals with our full-spectrum cannabinoids -- extracted by a solvent-less process -- into a herbaceous, non-oily formula that delivers 800mg of CBD per jar.

        Chill pills

        Chill PIlls

        Then to help with your mental relaxation, there's Flower Lab's Chill Pills. These vegetable cellulose capsules are each loaded with 25mg of CBD in an organic coconut oil. Our proprietary extraction process ensures each pill will provide the necessary support for a balanced state of mind, sleep regulation, and calm. 


        flower labs mylar simple salve

        CBD Flower

        For a more traditional CBD intake method, try Flower Lab's line of CBD flower. Right now, we're offering 30% off all 7 and 28 gram mylar bags of our full range of strains: Hawaiian Haze, Elektra, Sour Space Candy, and the classic Lifter.

        This CBD sale is available until midnight PT on February 1st, 2022, so stock up while you can! Shop now for 30% off all these Flower Lab products at the Consequence Shop. Also check out our full line of offerings, including gummies and tinctures, as well as our GWAR Bud of Gods collection.

        Enjoy National CBD Month With Exclusive Items From Consequence Shop

        Enjoy National CBD Month With Exclusive Items From Consequence Shop

        January is National CBD Month! More than just a celebration, this month of acknowledgement is designed to raise awareness and bust some myths about CBD as a wellness product.

        Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that CBD ranked fourth in the U.S. for wellness-related searches on Google, beating out topics like veganism and meditation.

        With so many ways to consume this product and incorporate it into your routine, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, Consequence Shop has plenty of options to choose from in our Flower Lab collection and collaboration with GWAR, the Bud of Gods.

        Between flower, gummies, tinctures, pre-rolls, capsules, and more, we’ve got options for the cannabis-curious and the experienced alike. Topicals like balms and tinctures have been shown to reduce joint and muscle pain, provide relief, and create an overall sense of calm. Tinctures can also be mixed into food and drink, making it easier than ever to incorporate CBD into a daily routine.

        GWAR Mylar BOGO

        CBD BOG GWAR MylarNow through January 10th, we’re offering some serious BOGO deals: First, in our GWAR collection, choose between the 3.5 or 7g Mylar, featuring green-violet buds with bright orange hairs.

        Flower Lab BOGO

        If an interplanetary journey isn’t your thing, jump over to our Flower Lab collection, where four strains are also buy one, get one free. Choose between 7 or 28 grams from our Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, Lifter, or Elektra strains.

        FLOWER LAB MYLARAdd any two products to your cart and you’ll receive the lowest-priced 2nd item for free, automatically! No coupon required.

        Keep an eye out for some exciting new additions to the shop, as well as future discounts and deals, but don’t wait to celebrate National CBD Month in style.

        Our New Holiday Merch Takes the “Ugly” Out of Ugly Sweater Season

        Our New Holiday Merch Takes the “Ugly” Out of Ugly Sweater Season

        We’re rocking the ugly right out of your ugly sweater collection with our new Holiday Sweater design at the Consequence Shop!

        Our latest sweaters let you show of your own style of holiday madness with our custom designed Merry Madness Band! Meet Kringle, the snowman stick man behind the drums; our fluffy friend Klaus the keyboardist; the longhaired axe-dog Jangle; and howling lead pup Jingle.

        Printed on precision cut, hand-sewn sweaters with cotton-feel face and the softest brushed fleece inside, our Holiday Sweaters featuring the Merry Madness Band will have you rocking this holiday season in comfort and style. Available in maroon and navy.

        Part of our Winter Collection, you can grab yours now.

        Also, make sure to check out our Holiday Sale, where you can get up to 50% off all merchandise storewide! Running now through December 26th, you can get 50% off masks, 20% off our latest collections of T-shirts and hoodies, 30% off our hit Protect Live Music line, and 20% off all Flower Lab and GWAR Bud of Gods CBD, Delta-8, and accessories.