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        CBG, CBN, and THC-O Gummies Explained

        CBG, CBN, and THC-O Gummies Explained

        Rome and Duddy recently launched their Good Times Cannabinoids line with three new gummies: Cherry Chill THC-O Infused Gummies, Snoozeberry CBN Gummies, and Orange You Glad CBG Gummies. But what’s the difference between them? What do all these letters stand for? What are the medicinal uses? What are the recreational uses?

        To the uninitiated, finding the right cannabinoid gummy can seem like an overwhelmingly complicated process. There’s the alphabet soup of acronyms, a wide range of price points, and endless variants. It can be hard to grasp what exactly is best suited for your goals.

        So, let’s demystify the world of cannabinoid gummies. Once you understand the language and a few overarching trends, everything falls into place and the search becomes much more manageable – even fun! Here are some of the most common questions about cannabinoid products, broken down by the active ingredients in each of the new Good Times gummies.


        What is it?
        CBG stands for Cannabigerol, a cannabinoid compound found in cannabis. Compared to THC and CBD, CBG makes up a much smaller portion of the cannabis plant – usually around 1%. Don’t let this fool you into thinking CBG is any less important, however, as many cannabinoids come directly from an acidic form of CBG called cannabigerolic acid. 

        What are its effects and benefits?
        Like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive and is often used for pain and anxiety relief. CBG relaxes your muscles and provides a general sense of ease.

        When should I take it?
        Because CGB provides numerous types of relief, it’s perfect to use as needed for stress management and pain management.

        CBG_OrangeGlad Gummies

        Good Times Orange You Glad CBG Gummies

        Rome and Duddy’s Good Times Orange You Glad gummies feature a mixture of 20mg of full-spectrum CBD, 20mg of CBG, and a dash of Delta-9 THC, providing a well-rounded, mellow body high that’s poised for daily use.



        What is it?
        Cannabinol, or CBN, is a chemical compound also found within the cannabis plant. Like CBD, it does not cause a traditional “high” on its own, though it remains an active and important ingredient in both psychoactive and non-psychoactive marijuana products.

        What are its effects and benefits?
        CBN alone is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce the “stoned” feeling commonly associated with weed. It does, however, act as a powerful sleep aid and pain reliever.

        When should I take it?
        The effects of CBN can vary depending on its context (for example, if it is supplemented with THC). Generally, though, CBN lifts your mood and relaxes your muscles. This makes it perfect to use as needed for stress management or to support restful sleep.

        CBN_Snoozeberry Gummies

        Good Times Snoozeberry CBN Gummies

        Good Times Orange Snoozeberry CBN Gummies feature the highest concentration of cannabinoids in the collection, with 20mgs of CBN to top it off. These nighttime gummies are specifically designed to support relaxation and restful sleep, getting you on the train to snoozeville quickly and comfortably.



        What is it?
        THC-O (also known as ATCH or TCH-O Acetate) is a synthetic cannabis compound. Rather than extracting the chemicals from a hemp plant, they are derived from a process utilizing acetic anhydride. It’s then combined with Delta-8 THC molecules to produce the final TCH-O product.

        What are its effects and benefits?
        Unlike CBD, CBN, or CBG, TCH-O is psychoactive. This means that it provides a much more traditional high, affecting both the body and the mind. It typically induces intense euphoric feelings. Oftentimes, TCH-O’s effects are even stronger than those of natural THC.

        When should I take it?
        It’s best to put TCH-O in the same category as traditional marijuana or alcohol when considering when to use it. Because of its psychoactive effects and intense high, it’s perfect for social gatherings, parties, a night out, or similar circumstances. For these reasons, it’s often recommended that new users start slow while experimenting with doses.

        THC-O Cherry Chill Gummies

        Good Times Cherry Chill THC-O Infused Gummies

        Good Times Cherry Chill THC-O Infused Gummies package all the fun of TCH-O into a delicious cherry gummy. With 20mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and 20mg of THC-O, these bad boys will have you and your friends dancing all night long, engaging in the ever-lasting quest for chill!

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        Prime Day Consequence BOGO Deals

        It's that time of year when we really put that Amazon Prime membership to good use, as Prime Day has arrived! We’re joining in on the discounted festivities with deals both at the Consequence Shop and our Amazon store.

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        There’s never been a better time to engage in some retail therapy with these great deals and discounts. Visit our Amazon storefront and the Consequence Shop to explore the full range of items on sale before this incredible offer expires.

        July Sale: Save 20% On Bundles

        July Sale: Save 20% On Bundles

        Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals

        It’s a new month, which means we are ready for a new sale here in the Consequence Shop.

        From today (July 1st) through July 14th, we’re offering 20% off three unique bundles. Find details below.

        First, if you’re on the festival circuit like us this summer, stock up on our Discogasm collection with your summer fest essentials. This bundle of joy includes our branded Discogasm tank top, a playful pin, a fanny pack for all your day to day needs, and a bandana to prove you’re a seasoned festival pro. Add on to your party mood with some Good Times Cherry Chill gummies.

        For our CBD enthusiasts, we have GWAR bundles to choose from. Make your king weekend special with a limited edition bundle from our intergalactic collaboration with GWAR includes a fanny pack, a bandana, Delta-8 Strawberry Gummies, and three colored stickers. If vaping is more your speed, you will be spoiled for choice between our Delta-8 and Delta-8 Sour OG gummies. So go on, be the coolest Bohab on your block!

        Lastly, if you’re ready to let the “good times” roll, consider our collaboration with Rome & Duddy. With this bundle, you can enjoy your good times on the go with either a 4-gram or 8-gram bag of Good Times flower and a Rome & Duddy branded aluminum dugout. It's an all-in-one deal that has all you need.

        No matter which bundle is calling your name, we’ve marked them all down by 20% — but this deal doesn’t last the whole month, so be sure to take advantage of this deal before July 14th. Happy bundling!

        CBD for Skincare: Treat Mom to the Best This Mother’s Day

        Mothers Day Skin Care CBD Benefits

        Get to know the benefits, and stock up for the holiday!

        By now, you’ve probably heard about some of the many benefits of CBD. People who incorporate these types of products into their wellness routine tend to report relief in anxiety and chronic pain. These effects are internal – what about a more external topic?

        Treat the mom in your life to the very best this Mother’s Day -- coming up this Sunday, May 8th -- with products from our Flower Lab line, now discounted at 25% off! The sale ends Monday, May 9th, and does not include flower. Find all the currently discounted products here.

        Salve Balm Flower Lab

        Interest in skincare grew significantly during the pandemic, and social media has continued to spur curiosity in this part of the self-care sphere. Believe it or not, CBD skin care is a growing niche of its own, and experts are studying this space along with the other parts of the industry.

        What are some CBD skincare benefits? First, it can decrease inflammation, meaning it can reduce the swelling or redness that often accompanies acne. Even better, thanks to its oil production regulation, these skincare products can then reduce future breakouts in general.

        What kind of products are best to consider working into a routine? CBD oil can be used on face and hair, while balms (like Flower Lab’s Simple Salve Balm) increase elasticity and reduce redness. Products like this, especially those that are rich, solventless extractions of pure, full spectrum cannabinoids are able to harness and enhance many of the body’s natural functions that lead to improved skin.

        Flower Lab Pills

        Many breakouts can be attributed to stress and hormone imbalances. CBD is a natural adaptogen, meaning it helps the body adapt to and normalize feelings of stress. Because of this quality, such skincare products can work to decrease the effects of hormones and other compounds that are released into the body in times of stress.

        Additionally, for anyone with eczema or rosacea, CBD can help calm flare-ups, smoothing the skin and reducing inflammation across the board.

        While there are CBD products like capsules (also discounted today!), gummies and pre-rolls that offer different functions, the more topical options like CBD oil and balm will have more focused effects when it comes to skin. And, unlike harsher, over the counter offerings, CBD skin care products can be used every day.

        Stock up on these ways to nourish and hydrate the skin and watch mom start enjoying the relaxing effects of CBD! Shop the entire line of discounted products for Mother’s Day here.

        Introducing the "Good Times" Collection with Rome & Duddy

        Good Times Rome and Duddy new collection launched

        If life’s got you heading the wrong way this 4/20, don’t despair. Sublime with Rome’s Rome Ramirez and Dirty Heads’ Duddy B are here to get you heading in the right direction in no time with the new Rome & Duddy Good Times CBD collection!

        Rome & Duddy have been collaborating on music and podcasts for years. While working on their debut joint album over the last few months, they’ve also been doin’ time with Consequence to come up with this exclusive line of CBD products and merch named after one of their own songs. Following up on the completely sold out limited edition small batch CBD collector’s box, they’re now ready to unveil the full Good Times brand.

        All of Rome & Duddy’s Good Times products are available for pre-order beginning today, 4/20, at Check out the complete collection now!

        The centerpiece of this collection is the Good Times CBD flower. Highlighted by a relaxing yet uplifting sensation that won’t slow you down, this sativa-dominate strain has beautiful light green buds, thin leaves, and enticing streaks of orange. With a flavor that hints of tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes, this premium, greenhouse grown, certified organic hemp flower will have you feeling like you’re on vacation every single day. Available in a 3.5-gram collectible jar, a 3.5-gram or 7-gram mylar bag, or as a 1 gram pre-roll.

        Also part of the collection are a trio of gummy varieties: the Orange You Glad CBG daytime gummies, Snoozeberry CBN nighttime gummies, and the wild Cherry Chill THC-O gummies. Each chewable treat features full-spectrum CBD paired with a different cannabinoid for 20mg to match your mood. Orange You Glad’s citrus flavor will have you saying, “That’s all I need” as you chillax throughout the day without losing any pep in your step; Snoozeberry’s mixed berry blend is perfect as you lay you down for berry sweet dreams; and Cherry Chill’s burst of cherry will have you ready to dance all night. Available separately in 30-count mylar bags.

        Lastly, there’s the Good Times CBD roll-on balm and CBG tincture. Whether you’re looking for topical relief or an internal energy boost, Good Times has you covered, inside and out.

        A full line of Good Times merchandise will be launching later this year, but to celebrate our official 4/20 launch, we’ve packaged some products in special bundles with the Good Times CBD flower. First there’s the Rome & Duddy aluminum dugout, complete with a cigarette-shaped pipe with sharp teeth for easy packing, as well as a hooked slide out rod for easy cleaning. Package it with a 7-gram bag of CBD flower and you’re ready to enjoy the good times on the go!

        Then there’s the Good Times grinder, rolling papers, and rolling tray, which come with a 3.5-gram jar of CBD flower so you can smoke two joints whenever the feeling hits!

        Plus, fans of Consequence‘s original band-branded CBD and Delta-8 products, GWAR’s Bud of Gods, can get their hands on the new limited edition Bud of Gods fanny pack bundle. This all-over printed bag comes stuffed with either a 5-count or 30-count jar of Delta-8 gummies, stickers, and an exclusive bandana — all 25% off retail value! Plus, we’ve included a coupon for savings on your next purchase at the Consequence Shop.

        Happy 4/20!