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    Consequence Shop's Amazon Sale Is Underway!

    Consequence Shop's Amazon Sale Is Underway!

    Holiday shopping is in full swing. Whether looking for the perfect gift or just hoping to add some Consequence merch to your own collection, we've got some can’t-miss offers on Amazon now!

    This sale includes 25% off our GWAR Bud of Gods CBD collection, our Protect Live Music items, all beanies, the Opus collection, our nod to the Phantom of the Stadium, and K-Pop merch. 

     Amazon 25 off

    You can also secure 10% off of our new collections: retro-inspired Wavvy logo designs, our coziest fleece hoodies to keep you warm the rest of winter, or the reminder that sometimes, Hell's a Beach. 
    Amazon 10 Off


    You can also take advantage of a BOGO offer on all masks. Stay safe through the colder months while repping your favorite spot for music and pop culture news!

    Amazon Bogo
    Take advantage of this offer ASAP -- these deals will be gone before you know it (just like 2021)!

    As always, keep an eye here and on Consequence’s social channels for more sales, deals on CBD and merch, and new drops on apparel and more.


    Black Friday & Cyber Monday BOGO Sale Starts Now

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday BOGO Sale Starts Now

    Get up to 50% off on a variety of apparel, CBD, and CBD accessories

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but you don’t have to wait to digest your turkey before you get some great deals. The Consequence Shop’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday buy-one-get-one sale is starting now!

    From November 19th through the 30th, we’re giving you up to 50% off a number of our top-selling items when you buy one at full price. Pick up any item in our Protect Live Music line, for example, and get 50% off one of our custom logo beanies or our new tie-dye logo beaniesUse promo code BOGO2

    Even new products are part of the deals! Snag some of the new Winter Collection hoodies, sweatpants, or tie-dye beanies; one of our fresh Wavvy crop tops, T-Shirts, and crewneck sweatshirts; Hell's a Beach T-shirts and hoodies; or our Punk Is Dead shirt celebrating Punk Week, and get 25% off one of the following: all GWAR Bud of Gods merch, the Stanning BTS ICONIC T-shirt, the Radiate Positivity Hurricane Ida relief shirts, or our Phantom of the Stadium shirt celebrating Kanye’s latest LP. Use promo code BOGO1.

    Looking for a gift for the wellness lover in your life, or just looking to re-up your CBD supply? Buy any Flower Lab or GWAR Bud of Gods CBD and Delta-8 products (flowers, tinctures, gummies, pills, vape cartridges, or salves), and get 25% off CBD pre-rolls or GWAR accessories like our ashtrays, dugouts, rolling trays, and rolling papers. Use promo code BOGO3.

    It’s a veritable feast of savings, so shop now to fill your plate with these hot deals!

    Find Peace in your Daily Life with the Purest CBD

    Find Peace in your Daily Life with the Purest CBD

    It’s time to unlock your own sweet relief. The world is a busy place that seems to only be getting busier with each passing day. Finding relaxation and inner peace isn't always easy when managing so many moving pieces. In recent years, wellness has become a movement in and of itself. (In fact, a report from CB Wellness estimated the wellness industry at $3.7 trillion, a number that's only continued to grow.)

    Yoga, fitness, meditation, and manifesting are all great practices that deserve time and attention of their own. Consider adding another element to your wellness and self-care routines: whether you’re new to CBD or already have some favorites, it’s time to take a closer look at tinctures.

    For anyone unfamiliar with tinctures, there is in fact a difference between tinctures and CBD oils. Tinctures are actually made by soaking cannabis in alcohol, while oils are made by suspending CBD in a carrier oil.

    Our Sweet Relief full-spectrum CBD tincture, for example, is infused in organic MCT oil. Metabolizing quickly in your system, this is a great example of CBD in its purest form. No chemical solvents like ethanol or butane ever touch Flower Lab products to ensure you get the purest whole-plant extract possible.

    For the fastests and most efficient results, taking CBD tinctures right under the tongue is the way to go. To that end, tinctures can also be added to food and drinks for oral ingestion as an easy way to incorporate into some some existing routines. Either way, before consuming, give the bottle a shake to ensure that it’s fully mixed and make sure you measure out your preferred dosage.

    With this week (October 11th - 15th) being Mental Health Awareness Week, Consequence Shop is offering a buy one, get one free sale on Flower Lab CBD. Through October 31st, we’re adding a free five-pack of KOAST CBD blueberry gummies with any purchase of Sweet Relief CBD or Elevate CBG tinctures, Chill Pills capsules, Simple Salve balm, or a 7-gram jar of any of our flower strains. Or, get a free five-pack of Chill Pills when you snag a jar of KOAST full spectrum CBD or KOAST CBD + Delta-8 gummies.

    Saving money and getting high-quality, organic CBD products for free? Talk about self-care. You can view the deals here.





    Looking to jumpstart the morning? Sometimes, a regular coffee just isn’t enough, so if you’re in need of a pour with just a little extra kick, we’ve got the recipe recommendation for you.

    With a little bit of Flower Lab, you’ll be feeling invincible from the first sip. Adding CBD tinctures’ known wellness benefits to your morning brew means this is a coffee that will give you the bulletproof energy to take on the day.


    1. Pour a mug of your favorite coffee.
    2. Add a scoop of coconut oil.
    3. Add 1ml of CBD tincture and/or CBG tincture — or both!
    4. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend for 15 seconds or until the mixture is visibly smooth.
    5. Return the mixture to your mug.
    6. Enjoy and reap the benefits of a Flower Lab bulletproof morning!

    Steps to Bullet Coffee

    Coffee isn’t the only vehicle you can use to incorporate the benefits of CBD tinctures into your daily routine. For more information on our product line and the many benefits of CBD, explore our selection here

    CBD is Skyrocketing in Popularity

    CBD is Skyrocketing in Popularity

    A new survey conducted by JustCBD reveals that CBD products have become more popular as people are struggling with their mental health, especially during the pandemic. 24.8% of the 20 000 respondents indicated they take CBD for better sleep, 22.7% used it for relaxation, 22.5% for pain, and 19.8% to relieve anxiety. ⁠

    Most of the respondents (89%) revealed they had tried CBD for the first time during the last six months. As the results show – half of the respondents use CBD products once a day, while a third – several times a day. The pandemic has greatly impacted the mental well-being of many, so it is no surprise people mostly choose to use it in the evening – after a long and stressful day.

    Explore Consequence Shop's full array of CBD products, including GWAR's Bud of Gods tincture and Delta 8 gummies.