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        CBD for Dummies: The Difference Between CBD and CBG

        Differences between CBD CBG

        It’s no secret that CBD is taking the wellness world by storm. The non-psychoactive cannabis compound has been widely popularized due to its calming effects and potential health benefits. However, CBD isn’t the only compound of the cannabis plant that possesses healing properties. CBG is another powerful sibling compounds of CBD that each carry different potential benefits.
        So, what exactly is the difference between CBD and CBG and when should you use which one? Read on for a beginner’s guide to the benefits of each.

        CBD -- The Multipurpose Compound

        Surely, you’ve heard of CBD -- the compound that has intrigued researchers and scientists alike due to its myriad of health benefits. CBD has been studied as a potential treatment for inflammation, arthritis, cardiovascular dysfunction, acne, and so much more. CBD also has proven neuroprotective effects and is being investigated for its anti-cancer properties, though further research is needed on that front.

        The compound is closely related to THC, the psychoactive cannabis compound that’s responsible for the high one feels after smoking marijuana. They both have similar therapeutic attributes -- however, unlike THC, CBD cannot make you intoxicated or cause you to feel stoned. CBD is a safe, non-addictive substance, and it is one of more than a hundred phytocannabinoids that are unique to the cannabis plant.

        CBG -- The Sister Compound to CBD

        Cannabigerol (CBG) is a compound of the cannabis plant that is highly similar to CBD in both its chemical structure and effects. However, there are some major differences between the two. Unlike CBD, CBG is known for its potential digestion-boosting and antibacterial qualities. On the other hand, CBD also can be used to treat and calm the nervous system, while it does not appear that CBG carries these benefits.

        While various studies have shown the effectiveness of CBG, more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of this compound.


        At the Consequence Shop, we offer a wide variety of CBG, and CBD products to help with ailments and match any lifestyle, from tinctures to gummies to a variety of flower strains. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried CBG, or CBD, and what benefits you've seen. Or, if you plan to sample the different cannabinoids, let us know which one strikes your interest most.

        The Merch Man: Our New Shirt Supports Touring Crew Members

        The Merch Man: Our New Shirt Supports Touring Crew Members

        The minute we saw that one chilly Vermonter huddled over with crossed arms, a ragged but resolute stare plastered on his face, memories of concerts past instantly came rushing in. Specifically our encounters with merch stand folks, the unsung heroes of every glorious live music-filled night.

        So, in honor of all the hardworking merch table workers out there, no doubt hit hard by this pandemic, we've taken the Internet's favorite meme and made it a charitable reality with our Merch Man long sleeve T-shirt. The incredibly detailed illustration was designed by Steve Fiche and printed on a navy blue shirt.

        The Merch Man shirt is the third piece in our Protect Live Music merch capsule and is available in limited quantities. To help support merch slingers and other touring crew members, 50% of net proceeds will be donated to Crew Nation, which provides assistance to live music industry crew members impacted by COVID-19.

        Microdosing for Dummies: How to Properly Microdose

        Microdosing for Dummies

        A beginner’s guide to figuring out the perfect dose for you 

        CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant, has been receiving positive buzz over the past few years for its healing and medicinal properties. It's widely known for being a quick, holistic solution for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. There's even ongoing research into its potential use in treating epilepsy! It's clear at this point that CBD is more than just a passing trend in the wellness industry --  it's a natural remedy that's here to stay.

        Those looking to try CBD may be overwhelmed by the variety of forms it now comes in, with delivery methods ranging from gummies to lotions to tinctures you can put in your latte. That's why newcomers to the beneficial cannabis compound may be interested in microdosing.

        CBD microdosing is a technique that involves taking very small amounts of cannabidiol on a regular basis. Experts recommend starting out "low and slow" with your dosage until you can gauge how CBD effects your body and mind. That allows you to hone in on the sweet spot of just the right levels to achieve your desired results for your own needs.

        Microdosing is a great way to better understand the effects of CBD on your body, so we've created this primer to help you begin your journey into the benefits of this natural, versatile healer.

        What Products Should I Use to Microdose CBD?

        The most common way to microdose CBD is by using a tincture or oil. However, some prefer to consume their CBD via gummies, vaping, or even smoking CBD flower. There's benefits to each method, whether it's concentration, dosage control, or simply ease of consumption. It really all comes down to a matter of preference and comfort. Our online shop offers a variety of gummies, tinctures, flower, and pre-rolls for your microdosing needs. In the end, stick to whatever option feels like it best matches your lifestyle and needs.

        Okay, So How Do I Microdose?

        First, keep in mind that everyone’s  body and tolerance is different, so each individual's ideal CBD dosage will vary. However, there are some key rules of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to determining your proper dosage. The recommended dose for beginners is typically 1 mg of CBD, or 2 mg if you have a higher body fat percentage. After consuming your dosage, closely monitor the way you are feeling. Remember that it is impossible to become intoxicated from CBD, as it is non-psychoactive. If you experience increased feelings of relaxation, peace of mind, and calmness, this is simply the CBD doing its job to keep you clear and level-headed. If you have yet to feel any effects from the CBD within 2-3 hours, increase your serving size by 1 mg and see how it affects your body. Repeat this routine for the next 2-3 days until you find the dosage that works best for you. The average usually falls between 1-10 mg, so your can expect your perfect dose to be within this range. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried or are planning to try a CBD microdosing schedule, and check out our shop for a selection of CBD products to help you get started!

        Support Independent Venues with Our New Protect Live Music Shirt

        Support Independent Venues with Our New Protect Live Music Shirt

        As an independent publication with a deep foundation in live music, Consequence of Sound wanted to do our part to support the many venues facing hardship during pandemic. That's why we were thrilled to see so many of our fans stepping up to aid the struggling concert industry by purchasing our "Protect Live Music" benefit long sleeve shirt. To keep the momentum going, we're proud to launch a second version of the design, with proceeds once again going towards independent music venues in their recovering efforts.

        Designed again by Steve Fiche, "Protect Live Music Version 2" features new original art that pays tribute to everyone's favorite concert activity: moshing. The piece was created as a tribute to the continuing hope we may all see a return to independent venues sooner rather than later -- for the sake of the businesses themselves as well as music in general.

        Printed in black-and-white on a 100% preshrunk cotton a black, sapphire blue, or natural tan long sleeve shirt.

        To help support small venues in their recovery efforts, 50% of net proceeds will be donated to the National Independent Venue Association's (NIVA) Emergency Relief Fund.

        Consequence Gives Back to Independent Music Venues and Artists

        Consequence Gives Back to Independent Music Venues and Artists

        Since Consequence of Sound was established in 2007, live music has been an integral part of our foundation. We wouldn’t be who we are today without independent venues and all they contribute to the culture, and our future is inextricably tied to their continued success. As one of the last remaining independent music and pop culture publications, we understand clearly the impact the current crisis has had on the music community. Searching for some small way to do our part in supporting this collective legacy, we launched Consequence Gives Back.

        When the pandemic hit, independent venues were some of the first businesses to close and will be among the last to fully recover. While touring remains grounded, they have little to no income, and many remain in danger of permanent closure. These sanctuaries of live music and entertainment have long been the gateway for many artists’ careers, a refuge for fans, and a linchpin of local economies. 75% of artists’ income and millions of community jobs are tied to the live event industry. The damage caused by the loss of these beloved venues would be immeasurable.

        Unlike many businesses, venues must wait for a national reopening strategy before resuming operations. Until then, they need the efforts of the entire music community to ensure they survive -- which is where Consequence Gives Back comes in.

        With your help, the Consequence Gives Back campaign will continue our ongoing efforts to aid these independent venues, as well as artists, during their time of need. Our goal is to help sustain these essential businesses as we await the day family and friends can finally return to the joy of live music events once more.

        To that point, we recently launched our "Protect Live Music" shirt and are donating 50% of all net proceeds to independent venues. 

        Proceeds from the sale of our recyclable face masks, CBD products, and other Consequence merch also go towards benefiting the independent music community through the MusiCares' COVD-19 Artist Relief Fund.