Happy National CBD Month Jan 2023 at Consequence Shop

Happy National CBD Month in the Consequence Shop

January can sometimes feel overwhelming — the weight of resolutions, the daunting feeling of 365 blank pages, and the concept of a whole year waiting ahead is a lot to manage. While we all continue to get settled into 2024, we can also take a breath and remember that January is also National CBD Month. With premium lines of THC, CBG, CBD, D8, and THCA products, the Consequence Shop is your one-stop shop to make the most of this month. 

In addition to the familiar favorites stocked here in the Consequence Shop (like our collaborations with artists like GWAR and Rome & Duddy), we are also very excited to roll out our Subscribe & Save program: make your order a recurring shipment and save 10% for quarterly deliveries, or splurge for a 15% discount for monthly boxes. 

While this offer currently applies only to gummies in the Consequence Shop, stay tuned — we’re working on extending this discount program to flower, vapes, pre-rolls, and more. 

In the meantime, apply this discount to the Good Times Snoozeberry CBN Gummies, featuring 20 mg of CBD and 20 mg of CBN (a cannabinoid that can particularly help with sleep), or The GWAR Bud of Gods Delta-8 Gummies, with each gummy coming in at 20 mg. Also included in this offer are KOAST Full Spectrum gummies and more treasures from our GWAR and Good Times lines. 

There’s more good news: In honor of National CBD Month, we’re also marking down some go-to products, regardless of your subscription status. Enjoy a discount on Flower Lab’s High Strength Tincture, a mystery pack of pre-rolls, and accessories like this GWAR Bud of Gods fanny pack. Check out all the sale CBD products here, and feel free to explore the markdowns across the Consequence Shop at large.  

And, if you’re new to the world of CBD products, never fear: we’re here to help break down the difference between our many different offerings, the varying strengths of CBD, and how much of these products is best to consume! As always, everyone is different, and will have different preferences when it comes to hemp products; but if there’s something you’ve really enjoyed, drop a review and spread the good news.
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