Good Times Rome and Duddy new collection launched

Introducing the "Good Times" Collection with Rome & Duddy

If life’s got you heading the wrong way this 4/20, don’t despair. Sublime with Rome’s Rome Ramirez and Dirty Heads’ Duddy B are here to get you heading in the right direction in no time with the new Rome & Duddy Good Times CBD collection!

Rome & Duddy have been collaborating on music and podcasts for years. While working on their debut joint album over the last few months, they’ve also been doin’ time with Consequence to come up with this exclusive line of CBD products and merch named after one of their own songs. Following up on the completely sold out limited edition small batch CBD collector’s box, they’re now ready to unveil the full Good Times brand.

All of Rome & Duddy’s Good Times products are available for pre-order beginning today, 4/20, at Check out the complete collection now!

The centerpiece of this collection is the Good Times CBD flower. Highlighted by a relaxing yet uplifting sensation that won’t slow you down, this sativa-dominate strain has beautiful light green buds, thin leaves, and enticing streaks of orange. With a flavor that hints of tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes, this premium, greenhouse grown, certified organic hemp flower will have you feeling like you’re on vacation every single day. Available in a 3.5-gram collectible jar, a 3.5-gram or 7-gram mylar bag, or as a 1 gram pre-roll.

Also part of the collection are a trio of gummy varieties: the Orange You Glad CBG daytime gummies, Snoozeberry CBN nighttime gummies, and the wild Cherry Chill THC-O gummies. Each chewable treat features full-spectrum CBD paired with a different cannabinoid for 20mg to match your mood. Orange You Glad’s citrus flavor will have you saying, “That’s all I need” as you chillax throughout the day without losing any pep in your step; Snoozeberry’s mixed berry blend is perfect as you lay you down for berry sweet dreams; and Cherry Chill’s burst of cherry will have you ready to dance all night. Available separately in 30-count mylar bags.

Lastly, there’s the Good Times CBD roll-on balm and CBG tincture. Whether you’re looking for topical relief or an internal energy boost, Good Times has you covered, inside and out.

A full line of Good Times merchandise will be launching later this year, but to celebrate our official 4/20 launch, we’ve packaged some products in special bundles with the Good Times CBD flower. First there’s the Rome & Duddy aluminum dugout, complete with a cigarette-shaped pipe with sharp teeth for easy packing, as well as a hooked slide out rod for easy cleaning. Package it with a 7-gram bag of CBD flower and you’re ready to enjoy the good times on the go!

Then there’s the Good Times grinder, rolling papers, and rolling tray, which come with a 3.5-gram jar of CBD flower so you can smoke two joints whenever the feeling hits!

Plus, fans of Consequence‘s original band-branded CBD and Delta-8 products, GWAR’s Bud of Gods, can get their hands on the new limited edition Bud of Gods fanny pack bundle. This all-over printed bag comes stuffed with either a 5-count or 30-count jar of Delta-8 gummies, stickers, and an exclusive bandana — all 25% off retail value! Plus, we’ve included a coupon for savings on your next purchase at the Consequence Shop.

Happy 4/20!

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