Hip Hop 50 Merch from Consequence

50 Years of Hip-Hop: Explore the Accessories

In 1973, something remarkable happened. That year, now five decades behind us, is widely recognized as the year hip-hop was born. Over the course of the next half-century, the genre would go on to gain international attention, splinter into countless distinct scenes and micro-genres, and ultimately become a bonafide cultural behemoth. To celebrate, Consequence is spending August reflecting on the genre with rankings, in-depth essays, interviews, and more – and now you can get in on the action with our official Hip-Hop 50 merchandise.

Show off your love of hip-hop with the Hip-Hop 50 phone case. Boasting a two-piece design, this case is ready to take on drops, scuffs, and all-around horseplay. Add in interior rubber lining for extra protection, a glossy finish, and support for wireless charging, and you’ve got protection for your phone that’s as useful and stylish.

Looking for art? Well, we’ve got you covered with our Hip-Hop 50 magnet and wall pennant. Whether you’re throwing the magnet on your refrigerator or sprucing up your living room with the high-quality pennant, these eye-catching decorations are bound to bring you endless compliments from hip-hop-loving friends and family.

Trying to take your art on the go? With our limited-edition Hip-Hop 50 sticker sheet, you’ll be able to brand just about anything with the mark of great music. With a host of stunning designs and three years’ worth of durability, you’ll want to cover everything you own with these little works of art.

Finally, in case you were hoping to literally wear your appreciation for hip-hop on your sleeve, there’s the brand new Hip-Hop 50 bandana. Perfect for any fit, the material is soft, comfortable, and breathable, all without losing its durability.

Branded with the vibrant logo for Consequence’s Hip-Hop 50 jubilee, these items are the perfect way to show just how much of a hip-hop head you truly are. Grab them while supplies last and be sure to stay tuned for quality, hip-hop-centric content coming from Consequence all month long.
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