Cardi B Whipshots Vanilla - Vodka Infused Whipped Cream

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We have three words for you. Vodka. Whipped. Cream. Sounds like a deliciously decadent time, right? Oh, and it’s being brought to you by none other than luxurious queen Cardi B.

Whipshots is here to add a playful shot of sophistication to your night or let you just get straight-up luxurious AF. 

Whipshots come in sleek, stylish cans that travel well. Indulge your curiosity and follow Whipshots on social for all the delicious details, along with exclusive Cardi content.

  • Natural flavor: Vanilla
  • Shelf-stable, no need to refrigerate
  • 10% alcohol by volume

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Stock up! 1 bottle costs exactly the same to ship as 3 bottles! Ordering 4-6 total bottles will only add $5 more in shipping to your cart. So mix & match and enjoy!

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