FAQ for our Rewards Program

How many points do I get on sign-up? 

200 Points 

What is the $ value for each point? How can I redeem my points? 

$1 is equal to a 100 points

How many points do I get when I make an order? 

You get 2 points for every $ you spend. 

What are the different ways to earn points? 

  • You can also earn points by reviewing our products, for each product you review, you will receive 500 points. 
  • Leaving a product review will earn you 100 points
  • Social points are listed below

Social Rewards Smile IO

Can I refer my friends? 

Yes. Share this URL to give your friends a $5 off coupon. By doing this, you will also be rewarded with $5 off your next order. 

How can I share the referral code? 

Via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or simply copy and paste the link to them. 

Do I get points for my birthday? 

Yes, you will be awarded 200 points in your birthday month!