Relax for Less with 30% Off CBD Simple Salves, Chill Pills, and Flower Bags

Relax for Less with 30% Off CBD Simple Salves, Chill Pills, and Flower Bags

As the new year starts to ramp up, so too do all our daily stresses. That's why the Consequence Shop is helping you relax for less with our 30% off sale on Flower Lab CBD simple salves, chill pills, and mylar bags of flower.

Easier on your wellness, easier on your wallet

Looking to soothe your muscles after a hard workout or just ease those lingering aches and pains? Try Flower Lab's Simple Salve, a natural topical balm designed for daily use. We combine calming botanicals with our full-spectrum cannabinoids -- extracted by a solvent-less process -- into a herbaceous, non-oily formula that delivers 800mg of CBD per jar.

Chill pills

Chill PIlls

Then to help with your mental relaxation, there's Flower Lab's Chill Pills. These vegetable cellulose capsules are each loaded with 25mg of CBD in an organic coconut oil. Our proprietary extraction process ensures each pill will provide the necessary support for a balanced state of mind, sleep regulation, and calm. 


flower labs mylar simple salve

CBD Flower

For a more traditional CBD intake method, try Flower Lab's line of CBD flower. Right now, we're offering 30% off all 7 and 28 gram mylar bags of our full range of strains: Hawaiian Haze, Elektra, Sour Space Candy, and the classic Lifter.

This CBD sale is available until midnight PT on February 1st, 2022, so stock up while you can! Shop now for 30% off all these Flower Lab products at the Consequence Shop. Also check out our full line of offerings, including gummies and tinctures, as well as our GWAR Bud of Gods collection.

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