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Purchase a 4 pack  and receive 4 limited edition guitar picks with each of the band members on it!

*Guitar picks available for a limited time only


Inspired by the vibrant streets of New York City and the iconic 1974 rock hit, KISS Cold Gin is the ultimate tribute to the hometown of the hottest band in the world.

Since its release, not only has five-times-distilled KISS Cold Gin rocked onto the home spirits shelves of hardcore KISS fans, but it has also been awarded two medals for quality. Whether you're a rocker or a gin-lover, it's Cold Gin time again as the famous lyrics say - "It's time to leave and get another quart, around the corner at the liquor store".

To achieve full balance of the botanicals and intensity of character, additional flavours of juniper and lemon are macerated and blended with the distillate with no added sweeteners. The grain-based distillate is heavy with juniper, lemon and herbs for bold undertones. The result is artistry New York Style - akin to KISS, their music, and the city that made them.

Impress your fellow fans with the stylish bottle, including eye-catching silver and gold details with all four band members metallically illustrated on each side of the Brooklyn Bridge. The main label features a gold disc and the iconic landmarks of New York City and the Manhattan Skyline, while the stunning art deco pattern behind the disc is based on the scales of The Demon's boots. The label artwork is a stunning homage to KISSTORY and the band's musical roots.

Nose – spicy, clear tones of juniper, generous aromas, classic gin character

Palate – well balanced, clear character of juniper, citrus and herbs, lemon peel, angelica root

Finish – intensifies, grows in the mouth, full bodied, clear and lasting character of juniper, dry finish, distinctively crisp and astringent character

Try these cocktail recipes at home!

Starchild Ingredients:
1 oz. KISS Cold Gin
.5 oz. Sweet Vermouth
.5 oz. Simple Syrup
.5 oz. Lemon Juice
2 Drops Bitters
Add Ice
Fill rest of glass with Soda Water
Garnish with slice of lemon

Sweet Pagne Ingredients:
1 oz. KISS Cold Gin
.5 oz Lemon Juice
.5 oz Simple Syrup
Add ice
Shake & Pour into Champagne Glass
Pour Champagne to fill remainder of space in glass
Cut spiral lemon peel and add for zest & garnish

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